Wisconsin Man Uses a School Bus To Build a Blind

Hunters have been known to be very creative when building blinds, but a Wisconsin man has taken creativity to a new level. Jesse Kauffman situated a standard yellow school bus atop a fuel barrel. Though the bright hue of the bus makes it stick out in the foliage instead of serving as a disguise, it looks like the making of an epic hunting experience. Family members of the hunting genius said he built a dirt ramp to get the 66-passenger bus on top of the barrel, 28 feet off the ground. Inside are all the comforts of home — a fold-out couch, 2 recliners, a TV, and a poker table. Kauffman quipped that deer seasons are cold enough that he doesn’t need a refrigerator. As for electricity, he’s got that covered, running power from his dad’s house. For easy access to the blind, Kauffman attached a staircase. There’s been no word on whether the blind has brought him any luck in hunting.