What Happens When You Eat Rotisserie Chicken Every Day for 40 Days?

The Internet is a breeding ground for strange, and sometimes dangerous, challenges. The latest challenge to gain attention is a solo venture by a man in Philadelphia named Alexander Tominsky, who challenged himself to eat a rotisserie chicken a day for 30 days straight. Not only did he achieve his goal, he extended it to 40 days — 40 chickens in 40 days. So, what happened to Alexander? As you might expect, a daily diet of rotisserie chicken comes with some health side effects. When he first began, Alexander was able to finish a whole chicken in 20 minutes. However, as the challenge progressed, he said he could “feel the pulse of my heart in my stomach.” His latest finish time? Two hours. He reportedly lost 16 pounds across the 40-day challenge, as the rotisserie chicken was often his only meal of the day. Although the size of the chickens wasn’t revealed, the average rotisserie chicken is 2 pounds (32 ounces). According to Registered dietitian Marissa Meshulam, while a challenge like this might not be dangerous in the short term, it’s definitely not healthy. "For starters, our bodies are meant to eat all the macronutrients — proteins, fats, and carbs — on a daily basis. Eating only rotisserie chicken means you’re surviving on fat and protein, but no real carbs,” said Meshulam. Our gut relies on carbs to survive, and the lack of fiber in the diet can lead to digestive issues down the line. Diets high in animal protein also contain a decent amount of saturated fat, which over time can raise cholesterol. If you're a die-hard rotisserie chicken lover and want to eat it every day, Meshulam says it's possible to do so in a more balanced way. “You want to fill half of your plate with veggies and balance the other half with half chicken and half carbs,” she said. As for Alexander, he’ll be putting more variety back into his diet. “My body is ready to repair,” he said, noting that he’s eager for some sushi.