Ways to Use Your Swiffer Besides Swiffering

Introduced in 1999, the Swiffer revolutionized cleaning and became a favorite of busy people on the go. It wasn't long before the electrostatic cleaning system morphed into vacuum cleaners, wet mops, dusters, and even air filtration systems. While Swiffers aren’t cheap and you have to keep buying pads and refill liquid for them, there are some unusual uses for Swiffers that an old-fashioned mop just can’t replicate. So, if you’ve got a Swiffer and don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth out of it, here are a few things that it can be used for in addition to Swiffering.


  • PREPARE YOUR WALLS FOR PAINTING — Dust and dirt can cause paint to clump up. Buff up your walls to remove any dust on them before you paint by using the wet and dry cloths. 
  • BATTLE COBWEBS AND SPIDERS — Dusty spiderwebs and cobwebs (spiderwebs that have been abandoned) lurk in the highest corners of your home, but knocking them down with a broom means you have to clean them up from the floor instead. To eliminate that problem, use a Swiffer dry pad to collect them — the webs will stick right to it. 
  • ATTACK BATHROOM MOISTURE — Mold, mildew and water stains are common in bathrooms, but you can get rid of them with a Swiffer. Where you would normally use a rag dipped in dish soap and warm water to get after stains, use a dry Swiffer pad dipped in the same mixture. Then, affix it to the handle and push it up on the ceiling. 
  • DE-LINT THE LAUNDRY SPACE — Get at the lint hiding around your washing machine’s drum and vents by using Swiffer dry cloths to thoroughly wipe the inside of the machines every few weeks. The dry cloths attract lint and prevent buildup that could lead to fires. 
  • PACK FOR A MOVE — When you’re moving, use Swiffer dry cloths to pack valuables and delicate items, like dishes. They’re padded enough to stop glassware from chipping on each other, plus you can use them to wipe down your shelving and floor when you get to your new place. 
  • WIPE DOWN PLANTS — Plants need to be wiped down from time to time; instead of using a cloth for this, you should use a Swiffer pad, which attracts and holds dust instead of knocking it onto the floor — where you’ll end up still using the Swiffer to pick it up anyway.