Use Cling Wrap to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

You probably don’t look forward to cleaning the dripped mashed potatoes, gravy, and soup from your poor refrigerator, but there’s a way to make that clean-up a lot simpler, and all you need is cling wrap. Take everything out of your refrigerator and clean it the way you normally would. Then, get out your cling wrap. Ideally, you’ll want the big, restaurant-grade stuff, but the little rolls will work, too. Lay your cling wrap across all the shelving, tucking it around the edges of each rack, then put your food back in the fridge. When it’s time to clean again, repeat the process of pulling your food out, then remove all the cling wrap and replace it. It’s that easy. Make sure to really tuck the ends down around the edges of your shelving, wrapping them all the way around. If drips get under the cling wrap, they’ll harden and make it all harder to remove, compounding your mess. You can also use this trick in your freezer, although you might want to only wrap individual items in the cling wrap, like ice cream pails, to avoid it freezing to the shelving.