The Vegetable That Can Prevent Frost On Your Windshield

The top safety issue in winter driving is having an unobstructed view out of your windshield, and nothing makes that more difficult than frost build-up. While a defroster or ice scraper can restore visibility, they can also slow you down in the morning. You can, however, take a preventive measure with something you probably have in your kitchen: an onion. Cut an onion in half and rub it over your windshield to prevent frost. The onion will leave behind an invisible residue, and the sugar from the onion will make it harder for water to form into solid ice. However, sugar doesn’t really melt the ice. What it does is lower water’s freezing point so it stays liquid at a colder temperature. When it’s too cold outside, the molecules in water lose energy and eventually become bound to one another in a crystalline structure. This happens at the freezing point — 32ยบ F. When it reaches that temperature, the molecules don’t have enough energy to escape the electrostatic bonds they exert on one another, so they become dormant and you get ice. The sugar in the onion binds with and creates more space between water molecules. The key thing is that the onion needs to be rubbed on the windshield before the frost is on your window. That being said, a commercial de-icer is the most effective tool for battling frost.