The First 3D-Printed House Debuts in Germany

The first 3D-printed house in Germany has been officially inaugurated and is the talk of the town. The exterior facade of the 1,722-square-foot house stands out from the other buildings in the city, with the individual concrete layers being clearly recognizable. The shape of the home is round instead of angular, also making it stand in contrast to traditional homes in the area. The interior of the house also reveals the gray concrete layers, and round shapes dominate. In the rooms, there are also other highlights made of concrete, such as the fireplace and the bathtub. Owner Lisa-Marie Hanhues, who plans to move in sometime in 2023, says she’s surprised to find so much space for furniture, despite the curves. Each of the two floors has a living area of over 861 square feet. The first level has an open floor plan including a living room, dining area, and fireplace, while the second floor consists of three bedrooms, which can also be used as working space, and three bathrooms. Since the whole building was made by a 3D printer, it took less than a year to complete the construction. The total cost was €450,000 ($477,480).