People Can’t Believe This Mature-Looking Football Player Is Only 12 Years Old

The Internet is struggling to come to terms with the fact that Jeremiah Johnson, a running back from Fort Worth, Tex., is only 12 years old. Johnson, with his mature appearance, started making news headlines around the country last week, after photos of him holding the trophy for Most Valuable Player of the Dallas Dragons Elite Academy (DEA) appeared on social media. While his photo received thousands of likes and congratulatory comments, what most people seemed to focus on was Jeremiah’s age. They just couldn’t believe that he’s only 12 years old, and to be fair, the young man does look incredibly mature for his age. Still, most people are claiming that he has to be at least 20, with some demanding to see his birth certificate. A lot of people hinted at the boy’s forearm tattoo and his mustache and goatee, claiming you don’t see those on normal 12-year-old boys. His mother shut down the tattoo claim, clarifying that it’s not a real tattoo. She couldn’t however, make the same claim for the mustache and goatee. At 5’11” and weighing 198 pounds, who knows how big he’ll get by the time he becomes eligible for college in 2027. Of course, by then, he may have people claiming he’s too old for college and must be at least 40.