McDonald’s Tests New Restaurant Designed For Diners On the Go

McDonald’s has been setting the standard for drive-thrus for more than 45 years, and now they’re taking “fast” food to the next level. Fort Worth, Texas, is the location for McDonald’s new test restaurant concept that's geared specifically for customers on the go. The most prominent feature of the restaurant is the Order Ahead lane, which serves as a separate drive-thru lane where customers receive their orders via a food and beverage conveyor — ideal for those ordering ahead using the McDonald’s app. Imagine the ease and efficiency of skipping the drive-thru lane altogether and swooping in with a quick meal pickup. Other notable aspects of the test restaurant include smaller dining rooms, ordering kiosks, dedicated parking spaces for curbside pickup and delivery drivers, a pick-up shelf for outside orders, and a delivery pick-up room for couriers. The technology of the restaurant not only allows McDonald’s employees to serve customers in new, innovative ways, it gives the team the ability to concentrate more on speed and accuracy. What customer doesn’t want that?