If You Reach 25 in Denmark and You’re Still Not Married — Watch Out!

We live in a diverse world, and that means each country has different customs, cultures and traditions. While these beliefs might seem strange to outsiders, people who believe in them are consistently devoted to them. One such strange tradition is followed in Denmark when those who reach 25 and are still not married are met with a tradition that's kind of messy — they’re showered with cinnamon. This might seem like a punishment for not being able to settle down and get married by the age of 25, but it’s just another opportunity to engage in a hilarious prank. Just to be clear, these people aren’t just “sprinkled” in cinnamon, they’re bathed in it from head to toe. Sometimes, they’re even splashed with water to make the cinnamon stick better. Occasionally, there are those who go overboard, throwing eggs into the mix. While this tradition is still followed in Denmark, the Danish society believes there’s no rush for early marriage. The average age for men to get married there is 34, while it’s 32 for women.