For Free Wi-Fi, Please Deposit Your Dog Poop Here

What would you do for free Wi-Fi? If you happen to live in Mexico, all you have to do is clean up after your pet. Mexican Internet provider Terra has teamed up with ad agency DDB to offer free Wi-Fi in public parks to dog owners who deposit their dog waste into special bins in 10 parks in Mexico City. The more poo you add, the more minutes the dog bone-shaped routers will deliver. The bins are set to provide about 20 minutes of Wi-Fi for every 2 ounces of poop deposited. The bins have a simple scale to weigh the poop, but because they still work when people put rocks or trash on them, staffers are present to make sure only poop goes in the bins. The bins are just one more way in which waste is being put to good use, along with poop-powered zoo carts and biogas production.