This Is How They Unclog Toilets In Korea — and It's Genius

It’s a horrible situation to be faced with — your toilet is clogged but you have no plunger. Perhaps you do have one, but the clog refuses to budge. Either way, you’re stuck trying to figure out what DIY solution you've seen on YouTube will actually work. Best case scenario: You live in South Korea and have a “Pongtu” at your disposal. Pongtu is a piece of yellow plastic that stretches to fit over the top of the toilet seat, forming a seal over the opening. It’s like a toilet plastic wrap. The Pongtu swells up and it looks like the toilet might burst, sending a volcanic mess onto you and everything in your bathroom, but fear not. All you have to do is push your hands down on top of the Pongtu, and just like that, the clog disappears. Using science to create a vacuum works as an even more efficient plunger. There is some good news: If you simply must have a Pongtu and you live outside of South Korea, you can always head over to Amazon and pick them up there.