The Cat's Out of the Bag

For once, it’s a good thing the cat’s out of the bag. When a New York traveler unknowingly packed a cat into his checked luggage, the feline would have made it onto the flight to Florida if not for the x-ray machine and security agents at New York’s JFK International Airport. The stowaway was discovered when an alarm went off at the checked baggage screening point. Agents looked at the x-ray image and saw the clear outline of an animal. The bag was opened by a TSA officer, who was shocked to see a live orange tabby inside. TSA agents contacted Delta, the passenger’s airline, who then paged the Orlando-bound passenger. The passenger said the cat wasn’t his, but belonged to another member of his family. The cat was safely returned home, but as a result of the feline fiasco, the passenger missed his flight. He was, however, able to book a flight for the following day……minus the cat.