Scientists Now Want You To Replace UFO with UAP

If you often look up into the dark night and think you see something unexplained streak across the sky, you’re not alone. People have been reporting unexplained objects in the sky since the time of the ancient Greeks. We’re used to hearing them referred to as UFOs, or “unidentified flying objects," but now NASA wants you to refer to them as UAPs — “unidentified aerial phenomena.” NASA has assembled an independent team of 16 scientists and astrophysicists who will be studying and attempting to understand more about these mysterious observations in the sky. For 9 months beginning Oct. 24, 2022, the team will pour over unclassified data collected by civilian star gazers, national intelligence, and security departments. The purpose is to discover new ways to collect and understand UAP data in the future and to determine the best ways to use that information to ensure the safety of aircraft. The findings are due to be released to the public in mid-2023.