Man Pays With His Forearm Thanks To Scannable Tattoo

An unnamed man has been getting a lot of attention on social media after getting a payment app barcode permanently tattooed on his forearm. Thinking about how cumbersome it was to constantly have to pull out his smartphone to pay for things, the man decided to get a functional tattoo instead of a decorative one. It might seem like a barcode tattoo is pretty straightforward, but if the tattoo artist makes one of the bars too thick or too thin, or if one of the gaps between them is a bit wider than those in the actual barcode, it won’t work. Fortunately, the tattoo artist in this case was a professional who did an excellent job of matching the tattoo with the actual barcode. Now, the unidentified man can pay for things by just holding out his arm. He has admitted that he gets stares all the time, but so far has had no problem in paying for things. Although the tattoo is functional now, as it fades there’s no guarantee it will work in the future.