Japanese Restaurant Decides To Disguise Its Salads As Cakes

While the items shown above may look like sugary, delicious frosted layer cakes to indulge your sweet tooth, they're actually veggie-filled salads. The Vegedeco Salad Cafe in Japan is happy to whip up the vitamin-filled treats for healthy customers. The culinary works of art have delighted health nuts, thanks to food stylist Mitsuki Moriyasu. So, what’s in these deceptive desserts? The “cake” is a spongey, gluten-free base made from soybean flour and little to no sugar. The “frosting” is whipped tofu or cream cheese, naturally dyed with vegetables. Of course, the filling is made from vegetables, including roots and peels for an extra nutritional boost. While they may not taste as sweet as they look, this unique concept is all about taking vegetables out of boring salad bowls and turning them into colorful cake designs that are appealing to look at and fun to eat. Prices are reasonable, with a slice of vegetable cake costing ¥735 ($6.50).