High-Tech Volkswagen Office Chair Has a Top Speed of 12mph

A team of Volkswagen designers and engineers have developed a high-tech office chair that you can drive at a top speed of 12 mph. The German car manufacturer designed the chair with a built-in motor and controls, allowing the user to drive it. The futuristic office chair also comes with 360ยบ collision prevention sensors, a backup camera, a touchscreen display, headlights built into the armrests, LED party lights, USB charging, a small pocket for storing documents, and the VW logo stitched into the headrest. The chair comes with a rechargeable battery that offers a range of around 7 miles on a single charge. Before you reach for your credit card, you should know that Volkswagen has been very clear that this is a one-off marketing project designed to highlight all the features that motorists sometimes take for granted. While the chair will be available for “test drives” at various locations in the future, don’t get your hopes up about ever having one in your home or office. It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that public demand could make Volkswagen offer the chair commercially sometime in the future, but don’t hold your breath.