Car Insurance Companies in Canada Can Charge You More If You’re Single

Car insurance in Canada is expensive, but it’s not just what you drive that can affect your premium. Insurers may also look at your relationship status before offering you a quote. When you fill out a car insurance application, you’ll be asked whether you’re married. Premiums can be lower for those who are married and living under the same roof. The thinking is that the driving activity of married couples is be less risky than a single person living on their own. Married people tend to go out less and participate in fewer dangerous situations, like speeding or drunk driving. Because married couples tend to share one car, the cost of insurance per person can be lower, since only one person can drive the vehicle at a time. The person who drives more would be the primary driver and the spouse would be the secondary. Insurers also see married couples as more likely to drive cautiously, since they may have young children in the car and will, therefore, be more alert. One can only imagine the lawsuits that would follow such thinking in America.