What Happens When You Confuse Your PIN With Your Tip

We all make mistakes, but some of those mistakes cost us more than others. Take the case of Russian Olesja Schemjakowa, who decided to stop at a local bakery for a piece of cake and cup of coffee when on vacation in Switzerland. What would normally have cost her $23 ended up setting her back $7,732. She made a mistake anyone could have made — she inadvertently entered her PIN for her credit card when the machine was asking for the tip amount. It’s unlikely the coffee or cake was that good, and leaving an even worse taste in her mouth was that the credit card company refused to reverse the charges since it wasn’t a fraudulent transaction. It was her mistake and she would have to live with it. When Olesja contacted the owner of the bakery, things looked like they might work out in her favor. He originally agreed to refund the money, but as time went on, no refund was forthcoming. She later discovered that the bakery had gone bankrupt and the owner and her money were gone. The Swiss Police also refused to intervene because no crime had taken place. Chances are Olesja never leaves another tip.