Tina Turner Is Getting the Barbie Treatment

Any kid from the ‘80s who grew up with access to MTV can likely recall the ensemble Tina Turner sported in the 1984 music video for What’s Love Got To Do With It. Her black leather mini-skirt and jean jacket — accented with black tights and pearl teardrop earrings — were the height of cool, as was the diva who donned it. Now, Turner’s likeness is the inspiration for the latest Barbie in Mattel’s Music Series line, and the doll is a miniature carbon copy of that legendary outfit. It also flaunts an impressively detailed recreation of Turner’s signature hairstyle from the era. Suffice it to say, a lot of teasing and hairspray was involved. The Queen of Rock and Roll was very involved in the design process, which makes it even more exciting. Considering her legacy, it may not exactly come as a surprise that Turner’s Barbie counterpart, which retails for $55, sold out within days of its release. You may, however, be able to snag one from Amazon if you hurry.