The Red Key Unleashes Lots of Power in Dodge Cars, But Not Every Owner Gets One

When it comes to car keys, the majority of them are black. However, for drivers of a select few Dodge muscle cars, the key color is red. How many red keys there are in the world remains a secret, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has been very low-key about it. In fact, only a few thousand people have gone home with a red key. So, what is a “red key?” A red key means no restrictions, just an immense amount of power. For those who are timid or cautious drivers, the black key might be more their speed, as it limits the drive to just 500 horsepower. For those who “feel the need, the need for speed,” there’s the red key, which delivers anywhere from 707 horsepower to 797 horsepower. These muscle cars provide acceleration that will take your breath away. Most people who have never experienced it will gasp at how fast the car accelerates, normally 0-60mph in a little more than 3 seconds. Red key fobs only start the engines on three vehicles: 


Charger SRT Hellcat - 707 horsepower 

Challenger SRT Hellcat - 717 horsepower 

Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye - 797 horsepower 


The two keys allow someone to live two distinct personalities. The black key allows you to exist peacefully on public roads, while the red key begs you to test your limit. Just be aware that these muscle cars don’t come cheap, ranging from $77,300 to $82,430.