The Man Who Confessed to Shoplifting Two Years Later

Facing financial hardship often makes people do things they thought they never would. One man, who wishes to remain anonymous, recently shared his story about confessing to shoplifting, and it’s clear that he got more than he bargained for. For the last four semesters of college, the man shoplifted at a supermarket chain. He felt bad for doing it, which is why he kept track of everything he stole. Eventually, he spent almost an entire day putting together a spreadsheet of his thefts and what he failed to pay. He had finally graduated from college and had a good job, and now he felt it was time to pay up. He went to an ATM and withdrew the money he needed to pay back the supermarket — roughly $950. When he got to the supermarket, he asked to speak to the manager and was led into a room to wait for the manager on duty. When he explained what he had done and that he had come to make things right, the manager admitted that they knew shoplifting had been occurring, they had caught some shoplifters, but things still weren’t adding up. The manager was thankful to find out what happened and asked the young man to wait. After about 30 minutes, the manager came back……with two police officers. Unfortunately for the man, the manager had recorded the conversation. Now, the young man is looking at jail time and losing his job. Commenters on the story ranged from asking the man why on earth he would confess to stealing to others who commended his honesty and assured him that having a clear conscious was worth his effort. There’s no word on whether the supermarket is going to press charges, or if they just wanted to scare the thief straight.