Student Tries To Cheat On a Law School Exam By Etching Answers Onto BIC Pens

A Spanish law school teacher recently shared the ingenious method one of her students used to cheat on an exam. Yolanda de Lucchi, a teacher at the University of Malaga, explained how the student had painstakingly etched a cheat sheet onto 11 BIC pens. The creative student replaced the graphite lead of a mechanical pencil with a needle, which made it super easy for him to etch the words onto the pens. The student would then arrange the pens in order, to make them easier and less conspicuous to read during exams. The artistically-etched cheat sheets drew a lot of attention online, with many praising the “artist” for his patience. Others claimed that it would have been easier to spend the time he spent etching the pens on actually studying for the exam. De Lucci herself even praised the student for his skill and creativity, though she did fail him for the year. This isn’t, however, the most ingenious cheat sheet teachers have ever seen. Over the years, there have been reports of exam answers painted on nails, Bluetooth devices surgically implanted in ears, and even Bluetooth-connected flip-flops.