Restaurant Owner Creates a Hot Wing Dish To Shut Down Bragging Men

Scott, a man who wishes to remain anonymous, used to own a wing restaurant. It was nothing fancy but had a good selection of wing flavors and beer. Inevitably, people would come in and order the Suicide Wings, and of those people about 10% would sarcastically joke that they weren’t hot enough. One of Scott’s regulars, a dentist who fancied himself a gardener, decided to help him out by planting a ghost pepper bush. For those who aren’t familiar with the world of peppers, the ghost pepper is the hottest one in the world, bringing about a million Scoville heat units. For comparison, a jalapeƱo pepper has about 2,500 Scoville heat units. When the dentist delivered the peppers to Scott, he would grind them — seeds and all — into a paste that he would combine with his Suicide Sauce to create the Death Head wing. He would only serve customers one Death Head wing and would make them wear gloves to eat it in order to prevent capsaicin burns on their skin. It never failed ...... the typical cocky man, girlfriend in tow, would show up — chest all puffed out — bragging about how there’s no wing hot enough for him. Keep in mind that the Death Head wing had a fun thing about it — it would take a few seconds for the heat to kick in. So, Mr. Braggart would glove up, suck down the wing, begin to make comments like, “Is that all you’ve got?”, and once the heat started, it was relentless. The Death Wing was always free, but the cup of milk afterwards was $20. Scott never had a single man ask for a second wing.