Grief-Stricken Customers Get a Sweet Surprise From Chewy

Chewy, the online pet supply retailer, apparently knows how it feels to suffer the loss of a beloved pet. The company has a longstanding practice of acknowledging the loss of their customers’ pets, and artist Anna Brose found that out recently when her dog Gus (pictured above) passed away. Shortly after her pet died she contacted Chewy to see about returning an unused bag of food she had purchased from them. What happened next surprised her. Not only did Chewy give her a full refund of the money she paid for the dog food, they told her to donate the food to an animal shelter. It wasn’t long before the doorbell at Anna’s home ran, and there stood a floral deliveryman with flowers sent by Chewy. The note was signed by the person she spoke with when she called about the dog food return. Needless to say, Anna took to Twitter to give the company props for their kindness. Animal shelters even took notice, confirming that they have received donations that were given at Chewy’s instructions. As for Chewy, their comment was: “For many customers, their pet is a primary companion in life, and when they lose their fur baby, they may feel alone and in need of someone to lean on. In those moments, they understand that Chewy is also a part of their family, and they are so grateful.”