60-Year-Old Grandpa Undergoes Impressive Body Transformation In Only One Year

Looking at Steve Ramsden of Leeds in the UK, it’s hard to believe that a year ago he was an overweight borderline diabetic struggling with high cholesterol. The 60-year-old grandfather’s story just goes to show that hard work and dedication can change things in a dramatic way. Ramsden, a paramedic for Yorkshire Ambulance Service, weighed 221 pounds in December of 2021 and was taking medication to manage his high cholesterol. Today, thanks to a balanced diet and proper exercise plan, he weighs just 159 pounds and looks like he’s been hitting the gym for a few decades. His wake-up call came last year when his back gave out while carrying a patient. After a discussion with his family, Ramsden decided a drastic lifestyle change was in order if he wanted to be around for his loved ones in the future. Fortunately for him, his son Dan owned a gym and was able to guide Ramsden on his transformational journey. He did an intense 12-week exercise course, cut out drinking, and changed his diet. Today, Ramsden no longer worries about becoming a diabetic, his weight is as low as he can remember in his adult life, and he can see his abs again. “I take people in an ambulance that are younger than me and they’re not as healthy as me because they’re not looking after themselves,” said Ramsden. “Losing that four stone (56 pounds) it’s brilliant. I feel miles better in my body, my mind, my lifestyle.”