The Next Time You Buy Your Favorite Burrito, You May Find That It’s Held Together With Edible Tape

Do you love burritos but hate the mess they make when they’re not expertly rolled into a magical self-sealing pocket? It turns out that a group of Engineering majors at Johns Hopkins taking a product design course have found a way to make your burritos delicious and more convenient. The all-female team of Tyler Guarino, Rachel Nie, Marie Eric and Erin Walsh came together and decided to solve the problem by creating an edible tape that keeps all the delicious ingredients inside the tortilla instead of on your plate or lap. The team tried dozens of different combinations and formulations until they were finally able to get a product that was clear in color, tasteless, didn’t have a noticeable texture, but was still strong enough to hold a big fat burrito together. After that, they set about making it pleasant to eat (not just edible). That meant playing around with the taste and texture. They decided on a final product that carried little to none of it’s own taste or texture so people could just enjoy their burritos. The product is known as Tastee Tape. You simply peel a piece off of the sheet, wet it to activate it, and then apply it to the tortilla. The team is currently looking to patent their invention.