Stick a Towel in Your Dishwasher

Having a dishwasher is a game changer, even if it’s a tiny dishwasher. Most dishwashers are very good at washing dishes, but they aren’t so great at drying them. Now there’s a new hack that's a true time-saver. Just drape a terrycloth dishtowel inside your dishwasher once the dishes are done — after the washing and drying cycles are complete. Let the towel hang out there for 5 minutes or so, then open the washer and you’ll find truly dry dishes. Why does this work? The towel absorbs the steam that’s floating around in the washer after the washing and automatic drying is all finished, and keeps it from condensing on your dishes. Of course, a dish towel — no matter how absorbent — is not capable of soaking up pooled water from several inches away, so you might find that things like bowls and coffee cups have some residual pooled water on top of them. Nevertheless, it’s still much better than drying every single dish.