So Long, Corgis — Meet the New Dogs Moving Into Buckingham Palace

If there’s one thing the royal family loves, it’s dogs. Everybody knows about Queen Elizabeth’s famous corgis, but the identities of King Charles III’s dogs are more of a mystery. When we think about dogs fit for royalty, it’s tempting to imagine a noble Great Dane or a racing dog with a pedigree that goes back as far as the royals themselves. However, it turns out that Charles’ pups didn’t come from a fancy breeder at all. King Charles III’s dogs are Jack Russell terriers that he and Camilla brought home in 2017 from a London rescue center. The dogs — Bluebell and Beth — are feisty little wire-haired dogs that are small in stature, but long on endurance. Despite their little legs, they have no problem keeping up with the royals on horseback. After all, they’re one of the fastest dog breeds. Bluebell and Beth will actually be the first rescue pets to live in the palace. Although Charles and Camilla will be moving into Buckingham Palace eventually, the heritage building is currently being extensively re-wired, so the royal couple and their canine companions will remain in Clarence House until the renovations are completed. There is, however, no doubt that these pooches will continue to live in luxury.