Restaurant Threatens to Sue a Customer Who Tipped a Server $3,000, Then Changed His Mind

A Pennsylvania restaurant is threatening to sue a customer who tipped a server $3,000, but later disputed the charge with his credit card company. Mariana Lambert, a waitress at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe located in Scranton, Penn., was shocked when a customer left her a $3,000 tip for his $13.25 Stromboli. Lambert said the customer’s generosity meant a lot because everyone is going through tough times right now. The customer, identified as Eric Smith, added the generous tip on the bill and wrote: “Tips For Jesus.” Restaurant employees were initially skeptical, but the credit card payment went through and was approved. Problems began last month when the cafe received a letter in the mail, confirming that Smith had disputed the payment. After exchanging messages with Smith on Facebook in an attempt to reach a resolution, the cafe is now considering taking him to court in attempt to recoup their loss. Smith, however, has stopped responding to the restaurant’s messages. Alfredo's Café manager Zachary Jacobson has spoken of his disappointment over how the affair has turned out by saying: "We thought somebody was actually trying to do a good thing, and here we are three months later and there’s nothing to show for it at this point.”