Kellogg's Introduces Cereal That Only Needs Water

Snacking on cereal has always comes at a cost. Unlike chips or cookies, you need to be in close proximity to a refrigerator and some milk. Now Kellogg’s has solved the portability problem of cold cereals by introducing a product that just needs a splash of water. Insta-bowls are single-serve containers of cereal and powdered milk. Just add water to the fill line, which activates the powdered milk, and you can enjoy a bowl of cereal anywhere you are. Kellogg’s worked for years on the innovation. While shelf-stable powdered milk that can be rehydrated has been around for decades, Kellogg’s needed a concoction that would liquefy quickly. If it takes too long, the cereal will get soggy. The proprietary process essentially evaporates the water off, but leaves the milk components there. So, when you add the water back, it’s the same great taste that you get with regular milk. The first varieties to launch include Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, and Raisin Bran Crunch. They’re currently available only at Walmart, but Kellogg’s plans a wider rollout in the near future. You will, however, being paying a premium for the convenience. Single bowls are $1.98, while an entire 20-oz box runs about $5.00.