Google Search Rewards Hidden in Plain Sight

We all know Google as a search engine giant. You can find anything you need by typing in the right search phrase, but the massive "type-and-you'll-find-it" company has also been hiding features for users to uncover. They can range from phrases to images to everything in between. Think of them as rewards from Google for anyone who takes the time to dig into a product long enough to see what’s there. They’re gratifying to seek out because nobody knows when they’re going to pop up. Now that you’re up to speed, you can check some out for yourself. Each of these comes attached to a fun animation or inventive effect that you might not think your browser is capable of. We won’t ruin the surprise, but each one will give you an effect you likely weren’t expecting. 


Search for do a barrel roll 


Search for askew 


Search for flip a coin 


Search for zerg rush