Couple Has Advice For Anyone Faced With a “Take It or Leave It” Offer at a Car Dealer

A couple who wishes to remain anonymous is handing out advice to those who are looking to buy a car but are faced with high-pressure sales tactics. The wife had gotten into an accident earlier this year and her car was beyond repair. The couple finally decided on the car they wanted, completed all the necessary paperwork, and had even obtained pre-approved financing. All they needed to do was sign the paperwork and drive away. The dealership happened to be a 90-minute drive from their house, so they took their kids out of school early and the couple took off work after lunch. When they arrived at the dealership, they were told that the finance officer wasn’t ready for them yet, so they waited…….and waited……..and waited…….2 hours! When they did get into the finance office, they had to endure several minutes of high-pressured selling of add-ons. After telling the finance officer they didn’t want anything extra, he pulled out a different set of numbers than they had originally agreed upon. It turned out that there was a “dealership fee” that was added on, which amounted to nearly $1,000. When they objected, they were told they could “take it or leave it.” Needless to say, they took their kids and their money, deciding to go with the “leave it” option of the deal. So far, the finance officer has called the couple twice and the salesperson has called four times. The couple’s advice to those who find themselves in the same type of predicament is to walk……as fast as you can. There are other dealerships and there will always be another car.