Brushing Burgers With This Condiment While They Cook Will Make Them Juicier and More Flavorful

With the long Labor Day weekend coming up, many families across the country are planning picnics and barbecues to celebrate, and there’s nothing that tops burgers on the grill. Most people merely add salt and pepper to burgers on the grill, but how about trying something new? Foodies in the know say that brushing burgers with yellow mustard as they’re cooking seals in the juices and makes them even more delicious. Although this trick is unique, it’s been around for a while. Mustard-grilled burgers are a staple on the menu at the popular California-based food chain In-N-Out. After the patty is done cooking on one side, yellow mustard gets slathered on top of their burgers before flipping and finishing cooking. The mustard creates a nice crust as it sits on the grill, and its slight tanginess gives it a major flavor boost.