Why You’ll Never See a Lamborghini Commercial

While Lamborghini has struggled over the years to sell enough cars to be financially viable, the enduring fame and reputation of the car maker is a testament to how effective their advertising strategies are. Lamborghini knows exactly who their potential buyers are, and they’ve learned how to inspire them to become owners. The autos are typically bought by wealthy middle-aged men. While it’s true that demographic does watch TV, it’s not effective to use commercials, and could actually be counterproductive. First, while television commercials reach almost all Americans, only 1% of those people are potential buyers of Lamborghini. This makes commercials an expensive waste of time and money, because all a commercial will do is entertain people who can’t afford to buy the car. Second, affordable car manufacturers already flood TV time with commercials. This means that Lamborghini runs the risk of cheapening their brand identity and perhaps even appearing comical by running their ads next to those of Ford and Kia. Lamborghini chooses to advertise through a variety of channels, but predominantly social media, car-based TV programs, motor shows, magazines, and dealer promotions. Another way Lamborghini leverages the power of social media is to invite YouTubers to their headquarters and factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, for a tour and driving experience on the track or in the beautiful Italian countryside. If you're seeing sponsored content on social media, then congratulations – you’re the target demographic for a supercar. If not, and you love Lamborghinis, leave the TV off and head on over to YouTube and live the dream vicariously.