Three Coins In the Fountain Adds Up For Rome's Poor

If you’ve ever been to Rome or seen the movie Three Coins In the Fountain and wondered what happens to all the coins tossed into the Trevi Fountain, you're about to find out. The superstition goes that if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain, you’re destined to return to Rome again someday, and for anyone who has visited the spectacular city, that’s reason enough to part with their extra change. The tradition is so popular that around $1.7 million is thrown into the fountain every year. So, where do the coins end up? It turns out that they go to help the poor by supporting local soup kitchens, a homeless center, and other social assistance programs. Recently, there’s been some controversy surrounding the tradition. For many years, the money has gone to a Catholic charity called Caritas, but in 2016 the city council intended to lay claim to the funds. The confusion and controversy stemmed from a leaked document suggesting that the administration of Mayor Virginia Raggi planned to use the money to bolster infrastructure. When Caritas published an article accusing the government of taking money away from the city’s poor, it didn’t go over well. When the backlash made its way to the mayor's office, she backtracked on her plans. Today, the coins continue to go to charities.