The Unusual Way Actor Mark Ruffalo Discovered He Had a Brain Tumor

Mark Ruffalo is well known for his roles in several romantic comedies, switching gears to play the Incredible Hulk from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was a bit bizarre, though life-saving, how the actor discovered he had a brain tumor. After a crazy dream in which he dreamed of having a tumor in his head, he became restless. With nothing but a theory from a simple dream, Ruffalo went to see a doctor. Reluctantly, the doctor agreed to run a couple of tests to put Ruffalo’s mind at ease. What he found was an acoustic neuroma — a benign tumor that develops on the balance and hearing, or auditory nerves leading from your inner ear to the brain. The actor was quickly scheduled for surgery, where the walnut-sized tumor was removed entirely. However, Ruffalo was left to battle with the aftermath. He had to put a promising career in Hollywood on hold because he had partial facial paralysis for almost a year. Only after months of a grueling struggle and not giving up did his face started to show signs of getting better. He made a complete recovery and went on to star in numerous movies and television series.