The Thief Who Was Punished With Bananas

While bananas are nutritious and can help with constipation, who would ever think they could be used as a punishment? It happened in Mumbai, India, in 2016. Indian police caught a thief who had stolen a gold chain from a woman on the street. To conceal his crime, he decided to swallow the gold chain. After arresting the man, police promptly had him x-rayed at the local hospital. Sure enough, the gold chain was inside him. An enema was administered, but yielded no results. Then came the uncomfortable part. Rather than let nature take its course, the police made the man eat over 40 bananas to speed up the process. The thief successfully “gave up” the necklace, which was then placed in a plastic bag and taken to a jeweler for cleaning. While there’s no word on how the thief reacted, chances are if he does continue his life of crime, he won’t be swallowing any of his loot anytime soon.