Meet the Man Upcycling Old Jeans into Denim Sunglasses

What’s not to love about your favorite pair of jeans? Now there’s something new you can love about them: They can be converted into new sunglasses. UK designer Jack Spencer has come up an entirely new way to recycle jeans. A self-described fan of unusual eyewear, he had the idea to turn “floppy denim” into “solid denim” and create frames using an unusual technique. Nearly a decade and hundreds of prototypes later, he figured out the ideal way to do that and founded Mosevic Eyewear. The intensive process, which takes two weeks in Spencer’s workshop in Cornwall, England, involves piecing together many layers of denim, infusing them with resin, and then pressing them together until they dry. These frames aren’t just topped with denim; they’re almost entirely created from it. In case you were wondering, they’re water-resistant and repel sweat and sunscreen, just like regular sunglasses. Spencer then adds brass details and lenses, and voila!—you have a fabulous pair of made-to-order sunglasses that customers say are substantial and lightweight, as well as durable. The brand’s first collection — Shades of Denim — contains five frame shapes, all of which are available in blue or black denim and feature polarized Zeiss lenses. Have a prescription? You can purchase stand-alone frames. Spencer currently sources denim from local thrift shops, as well as leftovers and overstocks from clothing companies. Mosevic sunglasses aren’t exactly economical, though, selling for a staggering $335 a pair. The sunglasses come with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects through reasonable use. The good news is that shipping is free and Mosevic ships to the United States with a delivery time of four weeks.