Facial Hair: The Nightmare of Every Rwandan Woman

In certain countries of the world, superstition drives culture. Take, for example, Rwanda, where women are taught from an early age to avoid eating the meat of goats for a very strange reason. According to legend, eating goat meat will cause women to grow beards. Local women claim that the notion was made up by greedy men who wanted the good meat all to themselves. Whatever the reason, most Rwandan women today will avoid eating goat meat, rather than taking a chance of waking up with pronounced facial hair. Rwanda, however, isn’t the only country where superstition runs amok. In Nigeria, it’s considered bad luck to kiss a baby on the lips because it will cause the infant to grow into an adult who drools. Then, there’s Lithuania, where it’s a big no-no to whistle indoors because doing so will summon demons who will terrorize you. Of course, if you happen to live in Brazil, you never, ever want to put your purse on the floor, because that means you will have financial difficulties. In fact, the saying goes, "A purse on the floor is money out the door." As for Americans, we’ll just stick to avoiding walking under ladders and black cats passing in front of us………you know, the normal stuff.