Central Perk, the Iconic Coffeehouse From “Friends" Is Set to Become a Real Chain

Few soundstages on television are as familiar as Central Perk, the chic New York City coffeehouse seen on NBC’s sitcom Friends. Pretty soon, you may be able to plop down on the orange couch and add yourself as a seventh member of the caffeine-imbibing crew. Warner brothers is planning on opening a chain of Central Perk coffeehouses modeled after the fictional set sometime in 2023. This isn’t the first time Central Perk has materialized outside of the show. In 2014, Warner Bros. celebrated the show’s 20th anniversary by opening a pop-up location in Manhattan that served Eight O’Clock Coffee. The new Central Perk chain will offer their own brand of coffee in three blends: the “How You Doin’?” medium roast blend, the “Pivot Blend” medium-to-dark roast coffee, and the “We Were On a Coffee Break” dark roast blend. According to Warner Bros., "Central Perk Coffeehouse will be a place for fans (and friends) to slow down and come together over great coffee and eats.”