Animals You Should Never Take Selfies With

Kittens, puppies, the occasional squirrel……most of these animals make good partners for selfie pictures. Experts warn that there are a few animals that you don’t want in your selfie pictures, unless, of course, you want that picture to be your last. First, obviously, is bears. So many people have been taking selfies with wild bears that officials at the Waterton Canyon recreation area near Denver temporarily stopped people from entering the park until bears go into hibernation. Yosemite and several other national parks are beginning to follow suit. Second is the bison. Several people have been hurt after taking selfies with bison in the background — some as close as 3-6 feet away. Countless more have been lucky to get away with no injuries. Never, ever take a selfie with a snake….ANY snake. One California man thought it would be unique to take a selfie with a snake, but he wasn’t so lucky. He may lose his hand after being bitten by a rattlesnake. There’s no word on what hurts more: the snake bite or the $150,000 hospital bill for anti-venom. Do we really have to say DON’T TAKE SELFIES WITH CROCODILES? Freshwater crocs sun themselves near pedestrians in many nature parks, and while they may not be as powerful as their saltwater cousins (alligators), crocodiles are equally as deadly. Yes, camels are out, too. What most people don’t seem to realize is that camels are kick-happy, and if you get kicked by a camel, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is how amazing your selfie turned out. Finally, do you really think a tiger is going to sit still for a selfie? It has gotten so bad in New York that the State Assembly passed legislation that prohibits selfies with the big cats. Besides being fined, you could find yourself on the short end of a the straw if a tiger decides it doesn’t want its photo taken.