Why You Should Freeze Your Pop-Tarts

The summer heat is overwhelming this year, and hot times call for cold foods. Perhaps you’re used to grabbing some ice cream, maybe a Popsicle. Why not try something new from the freezer…….say, a Pop-Tart. It might surprise you to learn that the box actually suggests freezing Pop-Tarts as an option. Untoasted, Pop-Tarts are nothing to write home about. In fact, they’re downright pasty. So, will freezing them do nothing more than make them cold and pasty? Surprisingly, freezing them makes the crust anything but pasty. On the contrary, it actually makes them crispy. The good thing is that the inside filling never actually freezes hard. Instead, the filling has the consistency of chewy fudge. Frozen Pop-Tarts are best when eaten immediately, so you can enjoy the different textures and temperature sensations. The crust begins to thaw back to its pasty stage after about five minutes, and the center stays cool only for a few minutes longer. Fortunately, it takes the average person about 45 seconds to eat a Pop-Tart, so you should be able to enjoy its frozen goodness. As a bonus, open packages of Pop-Tarts won’t go stale as quickly if you store them in the freezer.