Why This Man Lost 70 Pounds For His Wife

Tracy Spraggins was just six years old when she was first diagnosed with chronic inflammatory disease, which affects kidney function. By the time she was 37, she had been placed on the kidney transplant list, which had a 7-year waiting list at the time. A donation from family was out of the question, as Tracy’s only sister had died a few months earlier from complications of a kidney transplant. Knowing that seven years might be too long, Tracy’s husband PJ, a self-employed musician, submitted himself for the weeks-long evaluation to assess whether he could donate his kidney. Unfortunately, doctors advised PJ, who weighed 265 pounds, that his size would not allow for the transplant. They advised him to lose weight before returning for another evaluation. Over the next year, PJ and Tracy went on a diet and exercise program together and lost 145 pounds between them. PJ lost an amazing 70 pounds, while Tracy slid into the lead with a 75-pound loss. On Feb. 24, 2014, the couple underwent the 4-hour surgery and came through with flying colors. Today, they have maintained their weight and Tracy’s kidney function is now at 100%.