What Happens If a Pilot Opens a Cockpit Window During Flight?

Have you ever wondered what would happy if a pilot opened a cockpit window during a flight? Wonder no more, because it can't be done. Pilots can, indeed, open the cockpit windows, but only while the plane is on the ground. That’s because when the plane is in flight, it’s pressurized and the pressure holds the window firmly in place, resisting opening. When the aircraft is on the ground, it’s not pressurized, and can, therefore, be easily opened. On many aircraft types, the side windows of the cockpit can be opened. The main reason for this is not for ventilation or vision, but as a secondary exit if the cabin door and emergency exits can’t be used. On aircraft like the Boeing 767 and Airbus A350, the exit requirement is met by installing a hatch in the cockpit ceiling through which the pilots can exit and descend to the ground using ropes. (see photo below)