The Simplest Way To Make Your Android Run Faster

There’s no question that hardware specs determine how fast a smartphone is, but only to an extent. Software also plays a huge role, as do graphics. Mid-range and budget smartphones are more prone to stuttering and lag, but even the lowest end of the market smartphones can be made to run faster. The simplest way to speed up your Android is by clearing the cache for all of your apps. It’s an easy task to do, even if you’re not technology savvy. All you have to do is open the settings section of your Android and go to Apps & Notifications (or Apps). Choose the app you want, then go to Storage, and tap Clear Cache. All the temporary files will be deleted instantly. Unfortunately, there's no way to clear all the app caches at one time, so you’ll have to select each app and clear the caches individually. It might take a few minutes, but the speed you get in return will be well worth it.