The Goat That Puts Dumbo To Shame

Everyone has heard of Dumbo, the cartoon elephant whose ears were so huge that he was ridiculed by his peers and forced to perform cruel circus stunts. Well, Dumbo is no longer the animal to achieve fame for sporting lengthy ears. Meet Simba, the goat from Pakistan, whose ears measure 21 inches each. Fortunately, times have changed. Instead of ridicule, Simba has become a global star, winning beauty contests and living a pampered life. Simba’s breeder, Mohammad Hasan Narejo, has even approached Guinness World Records. Unfortunately, there’s no category for “longest-eared goat,” so Simba may soon be making history in more than one way. Of course, being born with such long ears presents the unique challenge of being a trip hazard. Narejo has resorted to folding Simba’s ears around his back, as well as designing a wearable harness to do the same job.