Scientists Now Say That Aerial Yoga Has Several Benefits

Few things stand the test of time like yoga. For thousands of years, this posture-based physical fitness technique has helped individuals keep their muscles limber and their bones and joints healthy. Although aerial yoga began in 1991, it has become extremely popular recently, after being featured on several television programs. Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga poses, Pilates, and dance, with the use of a hammock or strap. The fabric easily adjusts to the user's goals as well. It can work to support the body, allowing for deeper poses and alignment adjustment. That can be especially helpful for new people learning correct form. The hammock support can also aid in building strength and flexibility as users work toward more advanced positions like handstands or other inversions. No matter what the level, this balancing act makes for a serious full-body workout. However, now scientists say there’s more to it than just working out. Research has shown that it promotes better sleep, improved digestion, and reduced back pain, while reducing the risk of heart disease. It also enhances lung function and helps treat stress, anxiety and depression. The good news is that whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, aerial yoga offers something for everyone.