Meet Dexter, the Dog That Learned to Walk Like a Human

Dexter, a 7-year-old Brittany Spaniel from Colorado, has become an inspiration for many around the world, after he taught himself to stand up and walk on his hind legs after suffering an accident. When he was only a puppy, Dexter got out of his yard in Ouray, Colo., darted into traffic, and was hit by a car. One of his front legs had to be amputated, and the other was severely injured. He survived, and that’s all his owner, Kentee Pasek, cared about. She assumed Dexter would need some sort of wheelchair to get around, and he did use one for a while, but only until he learned he could walk much faster on his hind legs alone. Since then, he’s been walking like a human, turning heads around town and inspiring the entire world. Pasek said she only learned about Dexter’s ability to walk on his hind legs when she left him at the foot of her porch one day, only to come out and find him laying down at the top of the stairs. He was without his wheelchair, so she couldn’t figure out how he had gotten there. She went to get her phone, put Dexter at the bottom of the steps again, and caught the miracle on camera. Since then, Dexter has mastered being bipedal, and now is able to go on walks around town. Needless to say, he’s become quite the celebrity, attending yearly parades and festivals. Dexter is a prime example to remind people that no matter how hard life knocks you down, there’s always a way to get up.