Library Cat Outlasts City Councilman

Browser the cat got a job at the White Settlement Public Library in 2010, when he was just a kitten. He was recruited from a local animal shelter as an inexpensive pest control. Fast-forward six years and City Councilman Elzie Clements (inset) began demanding that Browser be removed after he wasn't allowed to bring his dog to work at City Hall. Needless to say, the 2-legged library workers were outraged, and many people who used the library said they were unhappy with Browser’s dismissal. It wasn’t long before worldwide backlash led to Browser’s reprieve. Councilman Clements eventually ran out of his nine lives, after he was defeated in a landslide election. Browser’s job title is now “Library Cat For Life.” Browser is still employed and will be as long as he wishes to continue his duties as mascot, pest control manager, and reading helper for the children at the library.