Kefir the Gigantic Maine Coon Cat Is the Size of a Dog

There’s little doubt that the Internet exists for all things cats and dogs, and a new Maine coon cat named Kefir is taking social media by storm. It’s not because he’s cuddly and entertaining — it’s because he’s gigantic. Kefir is a Maine coon, a cat breed that typically grows quite large. They can be as large as some dogs, or even small children. Kefir’s owner, Yuliya Minina, says Kefir is almost two years old now and clocks in at a whopping 26 pounds. The ideal weight for a cat is 10 pounds. Maine coons normally keep growing until they’re about three years old, so Kefir hasn’t reached his maximum size just yet. Yuliya says people have funny reactions when seeing Kefir, and many assume he’s a dog. Despite his size, Kefir is actually quite gentle, more like a kitten in the body of a giant cat. Unfortunately, such a big and fluffy cat sheds a lot of fur, so periodically Yuliya has Kefir shaved. To say Kefir is pampered is an understatement. Yuliya says he’s considered a part of the family and even has his own chair at the dinner table.